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I've always been a crafter at heart.  My favorite memories while growing up in Baltimore, Maryland, were times spent with my mom, hand-making and creating what we considered little works of art. Whether it was hand-sewn items such as decorative pillows, tote bags or aprons, floral arrangements such as wreaths and swags, handmade jewelry, or home decor cut and crafted out of wood using my father's band saw, we were always on the lookout for the next new thing to make.  Little treasures that we could create, and with great hope, try to sell at local church bazaars and craft shows. Crafting is what made us happiest!

Years later in 2015, my homemade foaming whipped  sugar scrubs were created, but  not  to  fulfill a desire to craft.  I  had  been  purchasing  sugar  scrubs out on the market that I thought would be good for my skin.  However, they lacked one thing that I really wanted in a scrub, one MAJOR thing- a foaming, soap component. I wanted it to lather up, to feel it wash my face clean of make-up.  The scrubs I had been purchasing  and  using  just  weren't cutting it, so I decided  to  figure out  a  way  to  do  it  myself.  I  did a  little  research,  produced  a  few batches and made some test runs with friends and fellow colleagues who graciously shared their opinions and advice, especially in helping me choose the best scents.

Seven years later and over 4000 jars of sugar scrubs sold, here we are in 2022, now located in a little town called Wiley Ford, West Virginia.  What started out as a need for a beauty product has simultaneously turned into my crafter's dream.  Since the creation of my beloved scrubs, I have added soy candles, soaps, reed diffusers, and other items into the mix.  It has been so fun and quite an honor to fill orders, participate in year-round festivals, create gift baskets for individuals, sell products wholesale to retail stores, and be asked to be the one to create favors for weddings and special occasions.  I'm humbled by the kindness and support that has been shown to me in launching this business, and will be forever grateful to everyone who gave my products a chance.  Your patronage has helped get me to where I am today.  Thanks to all of you! 

                                        Yours Truly,

                                               Jeanne Bryl

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