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A gentle way to exfoliate and

rejuvenate your skin!

Sugar scrubs are a great way to clean and soften your skin. And whether you're using them to remove make-up or exfoliate, you'll also be doing your skin cells a healthy favor by ridding and unclogging pores of damaged cells, pollution and bacteria.

Most sugar scrubs on the market today are oil-based.  JB's Foaming Whipped Sugar Scrubs, however, were created with a wanting for a foaming soap component that works up into a creamy lather. Hence, the right mixture of the perfect ingredients were blended to give you a scrub that will exfoliate, cleanse, and moisturize.  Replace three products on your shelf with one!  You will notice soft, rejuvenated, polished skin with a refreshing, healthy glow.  JB's scrubs are also safe for sensitive skin.

Other Perks!

JB's scrubs will rid your hands of stubborn odors such as seafood and seasonings, and are a great way to remove grease, paint, or even ground-in dirt after a day of gardening.  You will find these scrubs in a variety of scents for both men AND women alike!

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